Game Plan

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How do you develop an intentional game plan for missional ministry?  How can you be both spiritual and strategic as you bring Jesus to your mission field? “Game Plan: Developing Intentional Missional Ministry” is designed to help you do that.  Blending the story of two leaders on a missional leadership journey, “Game Plan” models and teaches the power of coaching as well as giving you practical tools based on the essentials of missional ministry that you can adapt and apply to your ministry.

Here’s what “Game Plan: Developing Intentional Missional Ministry” covers:

Seeing” through the Father’s Eyes

  • Our Singular Aspiration—His Mission
  • His Spiritual Authority—Our Power
  • Our Mission Field—They’re Waiting

“Shifting” to Align with the Father’s Purposes

  • Form Missional Priorities
  • Make Missional Shifts
  • Activate Strategic Intercession

“Studying” Your Mission Field Redemptively

  • Gather Statistical Insights
  • Survey Spiritual Dynamics
  • Check the “S*o*I*L”

“Shaping” Your Church for Missional Engagement

  • Let Your Mission Field Shape Your Strategy
  • Learn How You Fit and Flourish
  • Link Community Needs with Church Strengths

“Serving” that Meets Needs and Opens Doors

  • Design a Missional Calendar
  • Discern Missional Partners
  • Develop Missional Bridges

“Storytelling” that Makes Good News Real

  • Translate His Story at Church
  • Tell Your Story
  • Tell Your Church’s Story

“Spreading” Grace to New Places

  • “Who”—Looking with an Acts 1:8 Mindset
  • “Where”—Following the Spirit’s Lead
  • “When”—Ministry Flow Charts and Timelines

Appendix A:  Coaching Guideline

Appendix B: Scriptural Insights About Missional Ministry

Appendix C: Game Plan Worksheets (see links below)

Appendix D: “Spy Teams” process

Game Plan Worksheets

Here are downloadable worksheets from the “Game Plan” book that will help you coach yourself to action steps:

G*R*O*W Coaching Guideline

A Simple Ministry Audit for Your Church Ministries

Developing a Missional Ministry Calendar

Developing Spheres of Intercessors and Strategic Intercession

Discerning Spiritual Dynamics

How to Check the S-o-I-L

Listening to Their Story and Sharing Your Story

Making Missional Shifts

Ministry Focus Group Profile

Mobilizing Ministry and Mission Teams

Strategy from an Acts 1:8 Perspective

The Path to a Missional Game Plan

Leverage Your Life-Missional Living

Living Sent-Developing a Missional Lifestyle

Secret Worshipper Survey bulletin style

What Lost People are Looking for from Christians

Discovery Bible Study

Ministry Flow Chart

Video Clips  A training event was also developed based on the principles of Tim’s book.  To access a resource library of over 30 videos, PowerPoints and downloadable notes, click here.

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