“Fit and Flourish”: Tim’s Newest Book is Out!

fit-and-flourish-front-cover“Fit and Flourish: Discover How God Created You to Make a Difference”, Tim’s newest book, is now available!  This is his distilled wisdom from 30 years of working with leaders around the world a resource for leaders new to discerning God’s calling or ministry veterans seeking direction for His next season.

You were made to fit and flourish!

Fit–This is where I belong.
Flourish–this is what I’m made for!

Let’s discover where you best fit and flourish…and make the biggest difference in the lives of others for God’s glory. We’ll blend seven ways to look at your life so you can have the “aha” moments of clarity when God speaks destiny into your life.

Look Up…Say Yes to God’s Invitations
Look Back…Remember Where You’ve Come From
Look In…Know Yourself from the Inside Out
Look At…Clarify Your Why, How, Who
Look For…Identify Promises, Fruit, Doors
Look Around…Get God’s Heart for the World
Look Ahead…Prepare to Finish Well

Scriptural principles, real-life examples, reflective writings and coaching questions will all help you go on a journey of discovery and clarity. Do it with others…but especially walk with the Holy Spirit as He leads you!

Click on Fit and Flourish to order it now online at Amazon in paperback. A Kindle version is coming soon!  If you are interested in getting multiple copies at a discount, you can contact Tim directly.

Here are some endorsements for “Fit and Flourish”…

“Tim has devoted his life to helping others to “fit & flourish.” The coaching provided in this book is relevant whether someone is initially exploring ministry or seeking greater clarity after years of ministry. His insights are infused with encouragement that keep you motivated to seek God’s best for you!”

–Dr. Wayne Schmidt, General Superintendent, The Wesleyan Church

“If you’re someone considering your calling– whether for a season or a lifetime–and want to spend some time reflecting on how God has wired you and prepared you, Fit and Flourish is worth the read.”

–Dr. Bob Logan, Author, Trainer, World-renown expert on leadership, www.loganleadership.com

“Tim’s writing style is right up my alley. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I want books for those I coach or oversee that are simple tools, yet with real depth. This is such a book. His use of the coaching questions contained in each chapter are timely and help you interact with the challenge of each chapter. I believe this book is going to become a hallmark tool for discovering the call of God in believer’s lives and then putting in place a healthy plan to get to that calling.”

–Dr.  Ray Van Gilst, District Superintendent for the Central Pacific District, C&MA.

“Tim Roehl has done it again! With the heart of a shepherd, the eye of an artist and the toolbox of a craftsman, Tim’s newest book, Fit and Flourish, will help you find your niche and grow in effectiveness. But be warned, his practical, potent and provocative insights will not let you off the hook with “five simple steps” or “imagine your way to greatness.” No, this is high octane, no nonsense counsel from one of the best in the world at helping leaders do just as the title says, “fit and flourish.” If you’re wondering about your next step, or wanting to grow as a person and as a leader you will do well to pick up a copy today. You will be glad you did, because you will never be the same.”

–Tom Clegg, Clegg Consulting Group, Des Moines, IA


Our Family

“Have fun…do your best…let Jesus shine through you.”

That’s been our Roehl Family Motto for many years…and it describes the heart of our family.

Tim and Shirley have been husband and wife and ministry team since 1980. They met and fell in love at Vennard College.  Our first pastorate was at Grace Chapel Evangelical Church in Milwaukee, WI where they served from 1980-1990. During those years their daughters Aubrey and Elise were born.

We moved to the Twin Cities metro area in 1990 and planted ChristLife Evangelical Church in in the north suburbs. We loved ten years of ministry leading ChristLife. During those years Aubrey and Elise attended Spring Lake Park schools. Shirley became the Office Administrator for Evangelical Church Missions, serving our denomination as well as our home church.

In 2000 we became missionaries with Church Resource Ministries (CRM). Tim led a CRM team and works with a wide variety of leaders, churches and organizations. Tim’s also been a denominational leader with The Evangelical Church and The Wesleyan Church.

Aubrey met Dylan Does at Vennard College and married him the day she graduated from Vennard on May 6, 2006.  They have two wonderful sons (our grandsons!)–Ian, born in 2007 and Xavier, born in 2010. They do a great job as the pastoral family at the Yakima Evangelical Church in Yakima, WA.

Elise graduated from Vennard College in 2008. She works at a very cool coffee shop in Oskaloosa, IA and leads the youth ministry at our Oskaloosa Evangelical Church.  She is commissioned in The Evangelical Church for Youth Ministries.

Shirley’s Dad Dale Miller  made his home with us for several years. He is a godly man with a fun sense of humor and a keen follower of the news.

Tim’s Writing

Tim has authored five books, over 150 dramady sketches used in churches across the country and several ministry resources used by churches and leaders around the world.

Game Plan: Developing Intentional Missional Ministry is Tim’s latest book.  It blends the elements of coaching told through the story of two leaders and the essentials to developing a missional game plan for your ministry.  There are a dozen downloadable resources you can use to help you implement the practics of the book. More more info about Game Plan, click here.

There are also videos and a training event based on the book.  For more information, click here. To purchase copies, contact Tim.



The Day That Changed Forever: Twenty One Life Changing Experiences at the Cross released by Regal Books. This is the third of his “Jesus” books, each written to recreate the stories of Scripture so they come alive in fresh, memorable and very personal ways. These twenty one stories, arranged in three sections—On the Way to the Cross, Watchers at the Cross and Words from the Cross take us on a journey starting with the Transfiguration and ending with Jesus’ final words on the cross.Tim’s prayer is that as people read these stories they will say,“I didn’t know that before…that brings things to life…”“That’s me in this story…”“That’s the Jesus I want to know!”To purchase “The Day that Changed Forever” on Amazon, click here.  To purchase it at Christian Books, click here.     
REVIEWS & ENDORSEMENTSTim is a master storyteller. The Day That Changed Forever helps us experience the events surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus through the eyes and hearts of those who were there. I highly recommend it…

– Dr. Steve Ogne

Tim’s stories captivated my imagination, taught me intricacies I’ve somehow missed and helped me find the Jesus I want to know.

– Hugh Halter, author of “The Tangible Kingdom”

It brought out a new passion and extreme emotion that I have not felt in a long time. I really needed that. I cried like I did when I first believed and received Gods gift!

– Deanna D

Transformissional Coaching, co-authored with Tim’s CRM teammate Dr. Steve Ogne equips leaders who want to empower others through the ministry of coaching.  “In a time of profound and rapid change, church leaders are presented with a new paradigm that empowers them to stay culturally sensitive and on task.  Tim and Steve see “transformissional coaching” as coming alongside leaders so they can be transformed into the image of Jesus and join Him on His redemptive mission in our world. Entering and experiencing the Great Commandment goes together with expressing and engaging the Great Commission.  You can’t have one without the other.”  To purchase this book click here.
“Christmas Hearts” was published in 1998, the first of Tim’s “Jesus” books.  Twelve stories of those who were part of the first Christmas story bring the power of Christ’s incarnation to us today.  Now out of print, you can still buy this book at online at places at Amazon (click here) or at  www.half.com (click here).Here’s a review from Amazon:”Used for advent meditations, each chapter prepared by mind and heart for Christ’s birth. First, it slowed me down – mentally and physically, putting into perspective the true meaning of Christmas. Each of the twelve encounters brought to life Christ’s birth. Recalling the conversation between Gabriel and Michael, could have taken place today with the current state of our world. I am eager ot share this book with others – early gifts for next Christmas!”

“Surprised By Grace” was published in 2000, the second of Tim’s “Jesus” books.  These twelve stories retell the experiences of those changed by Jesus during His ministry years as told in the Gospels.  Now out of print, you can still buy this book online at www.amazon.com (Click here) or www.half.com (click here
Originally used in the ministry of ChristLife Evangelical Church, Tim wrote over 150 seeker sensitive dramady sketches. Plastow Publications published over 100 of those sketches which were used by churches across the country.
As part of his ministry with CRM, Tim has designed several resources for use by leaders around the world.“Discovering Your M*A*P” is the workbook Tim uses in his Ministry Assessment Profile ministry to help leaders discern where they best “fit and flourish.”“TransforMissional Coaching” is the training manual Tim uses to train ministry coaches in coordination with the TransforMissional Coaching book.

“A Pathway for Missional Ministry” is a short coaching resource to help leaders discern how to become great missionaries to their communities. The “Sent…Student…Servant…Storyteller” pathway has been used by many church planters and pastors Tim’s coached and trained.

“Planting Churches” is a toolbox of resources to help church planters and their teams as they prepare to launch new ministries and churches. Versions of this resource have equipped leaders in Belarus, Japan and the United States.

“Beyond Launch” is another toolbox of resources to help leaders in the vital season of ministry after the launch of a church.

“Spy Teams” is a practical resource to help churches “spy out the land” through four “spy teams” as they discern where God is leading their ministry.