New Edition of Game Plan!

Game Plan coverA revised and updated edition of “Game Plan: Developing Intentional  Missional Ministry” is now available! 

To order it online from Amazon, click here, or you can contact Tim directly at  for bulk orders.

Here’s what some leaders are saying about Game Plan:

“I greatly appreciate “Game Plan” for us in working with missionary development in the Caribbean. I was looking for a practical guide for ministry development for any context and I found it in “Game Plan”. Since it is practical and biblically based, it is well received and useful across cultures. Since it has a story line, it is easy to follow in a practical way.”
– Richard Yoder, One Mission Society Caribbean Field Director

“What a joy to find a road map with “Next Steps” to encourage building Great Commission Churches through Great Commandment living. Game Plan achieves this well.”
– Gary E. Wright President, World Renewal Int’l; Evangelist, Evangelical Friends Church; Community Church Missions

“Practical! Practical! Practical! The narrative approach and breadth of resources make Game Plan a must have, practical resource for engaging the Great Commission in meaningful, missional ways. Every lay person, pastor, missionary and church planter who is serious about making disciples will find this to be a useful resource. This is a book to order by the case to share with others in your personal efforts to make and multiply disciples.”
– Rev. Bob Ransom, US Ministries Director, The Missionary Church

“Game Plan is a game changer. The coach approach in every chapter allows readers to immediately develop a community impacting Game Plan. If you desire to reach a community for Christ this book will prove to be more valuable than any seminar you have ever attended.”
– Sam Farina, Assemblies of God USA Coaching Task Force Leader.

“Game Plan is a must read for anyone struggling to make sense of church life or who longs to fit and flourish in God’s Kingdom. Tim Roehl provides a delicate balance of coaching, coach training, and clear and helpful teaching. It was easy to follow the conversation Roehl provides, replacing Tom’s name with my name. His story overlaps my story. Maybe yours as well. Having first hand exposure to Tim and his coaching and teaching ministry, Game Plan is about as close as you can get without flying him in for the weekend. It’s an easy read. But you will want to linger over each section until it becomes yours. Read it. Read it with others.”
– Rev. Les Cool, Pastor, Director of Church Planting for the Evangelical Congregational Church

“Tim Roehl masterfully accomplishes his goal to create a ‘coach yourself forward’ resource manual! His questions for personal self-reflection or team discussion stimulate vision and discernment, and the appendices provide biblically-based missional strategies rich with application…all this in a book that is highly engaging and adaptable to the reader’s own pace.”
–Dr. Wayne Schmidt, VP Wesley Seminary, Indiana Wesleyan University

“Game Plan is not for cowardly leaders who wish to play it safe. It is for those brave souls who are willing to get out of the bubble of “doing church as usual” in order to make a difference in their community and beyond. You will find this self-coaching guide practical and relevant for creating a missional culture in your church.”
– Mark O Wilson, Pastor, Author of “Purple Fish” & “Filled Up, Poured Out”

I love the story Tim uses to get across his message. It captures your attention and makes the development of missional ministry come alive through the characters Tim has developed. He makes it a very practical, step by step process without it feeling like it. For me what makes his message even more tangible, is having had him for a coach myself. Tim isn’t just writing a book – he is sharing his heart for developing people and changing lives. This is the real thing, and so is he.
– Rev. Ray Van Gilst, District Superintendent with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Central Pacific District

To read what other leaders are saying about Game Plan, click Game Plan Endorsements.

To view more information about the book and downloadable resources click here.


Roehl Report November 2014

Roehl Report Masthead Prayer CardNational Conferences and International Trips
Part of our ministry gives us the privilege of equipping leaders in national and international settings. August through October were busy travel times with rich times of ministry and learning.

Evangelical Friends National Church Multiplication Conference
Tim was the featured speaker for the Evangelical Friends Church at their National Church Multiplication Conference on the campus of Barclay College in Kansas in August. He spoke in four main sessions and did a workshop around the theme of “Missional Multiplication”. There were over 100 leaders from all over the United States at the event. It was a wonderful opportunity to speak into the life of an entire denomination, casting vision for what “could be” and helping them with practical skills to make a difference in their world. A wonderful “extra” the Lord provided was being able to see our dear friends Justin and Kara Lefto and their three awesome sons.

To listen to Tim’s messages from that conference and download the PowerPoint and message outlines, click here

Haitian Coaching Group 3 Haiti Training Trip
A week-long trip to Haiti in the Cap Haitian area was an opportunity to equip over 30 leaders with coaching skills and also get to learn more about the multi-faceted ministry of OMS there. Tim was invited by Dave Graffenburger, who has served the Haitian people with his wife Marilyn for many years. It was a great experience to see a beloved leader work with his people. Dave and Tim trained pastors, church planters and church planting trainers, seminary students and others with ministry coaching skills. Tim also got to see our medical and dental clinics, seminary, school for children, wood shop and our radio ministry (4VEH)… all of which make the love of Jesus real and powerful in many ways. He also got to spend quality time with many of the OMS missionaries who serve there.

It was a rich learning experience. If you’d like to read Tim’s journal and see some pictures of the trip, click here.

Mozambique Training Trip
In early September, Tim was in Africa for two weeks. Joining his OMS teammate Jose’ Bañales we got to see a bit of South Africa with OMS Mozambique field director Larry Weil (a day at Kruger Park on safari seeing animals in the wild was a lifelong dream). Joining the rest of our OMS team in Mozambique, we had a whirlwind of ministry experiences:
– We spoke at a church, seminary and Christian school
– We led three coach training events for leaders from over 12 organizations and 12 nations
– We spent quality time with each of our OMS missionary families, who come from five countries.
– We also had ministry time with leaders from other ministry organizations.

Kongolati Tim coaches Pastor JukaAs Tim modeled coaching skills by coaching the leader of our partner denomination in Mozambique under a beautiful shade tree, one of the pastors watching the power of what coaching can do said, “A movement has begun under this tree.” If you’d like to read the journal from Tim’s trip to Africa, click here.

Grace Covenant International Conferences
Our friend Dallas Elder leads a ministry called Grace Covenant International, based in the Kansas City area. Tim was one of his three presenter/equippers for their “Ignite” Ministry Conference. Leading workshops on how to go deeper with God, deeper as healthy teams, and deeper into your mission fields was rewarding and well received.

Missio Nexus Conference
We both joined other OMS leaders in Atlanta in late September at the Missio Nexus Conference, which brings together leaders from mission agencies and ministries across North America. We represented OMS at our booth, attended workshops and enjoyed meeting friends from other ministries. A great joy was to see our cousins Jamie and Dot Bosworth before the Conference and our good friends Chris and Lisa Cooper and their family (including 18-month old triplets!) before we went home.

Birkman International Conference
An important part of our ministry is helping leaders and teams fit and flourish. A key resource is the Grip-Birkman process ( Tim went to Houston to get more training to become a Senior Birkman consultant and attend their international conference. It was tremendous to meet people from all over the world who work in business, educational, ministry and other professional environments. He had some amazing conversations with people…some about their spiritual journeys as well as Birkman learning!

On the “what a pleasant surprise” front, Tim found out that his dear cousin Nancy lives five minutes from where the training was held! He had not realized that her town was a suburb of Houston. Precious time was spent with her and her daughter Dawn’s family.

Family Trip
We made a trip back to Minnesota in late August to spend time with our family, especially going through many boxes of family pictures and mementos with Tim’s Dad, our Uncle Noel and Tim’s brothers Randy and Rick and their wives Lisa and Aleen. We had some wonderful time with our daughter Elise, shared about our ministry at Illumination Church, where we had pastored and also helped with the homegoing service of our dear friend Darlene Irwin. It’s always good to be home and see family.

Upcoming Ministry
** Ongoing coaching relationships
6-8 Presenting/Equipping at Kentucky Mountain Bible College
10-13 Chapel Speaker, Evangelical School of Ministry, Greenwood, IN
10-14 Grip Birkman Super Week, Greenwood, IN
17-20 Train and Multiply Training, Greenwood, IN

** Ongoing coaching relationships
3-5 OMS Orientation, Greenwood, IN
17-30 Help Aubrey, Dylan and boys move, Marshalltown, IA and family time, MN

Pray For…
1. Aubrey and Dylan’s move from WA to IA and the sale of their house.
2. Tim’s dad who is dealing with health issues.
3. Upcoming ministry opportunities locally and globally.
4. Us to be a blessing in our neighborhood.

Thanks for your support…together, we’re making a difference around God’s world!

“Missional Multiplication” at Evangelical Friends National Church Multiplication Conference

Evangelical Friend Church Multiplication imageSpeaking into the life of an entire denomination is both a privilege and a rare opportunity.

I got to do that for the Evangelical Friends Church denomination in August.  I was the key speaker for their National Church Multiplication Conference on the campus of Barclay College.  Leaders from all over the United States and from other nations attended both onsite and online.  The Friends Church has a long, wonderful history.  They are dreaming of, praying for, working toward and believing God for His best as they look to the future.  My part was to encourage and equip them as an outside voice and fellow missional leader.

At the Conference I spoke five times in four main worship sessions and a workshop.  My theme was “Missional Multiplication“.  God met with us in powerful ways during these sessions and throughout the conference.

You can listen to my main session messages and download the PowerPoints, video clips and message outlines by clicking the links below:

“Passion: The Fuel for Multiplication”  (audio, PowerPoint/video, message outline)

“Perspective: Focusing Multiplication”  (audio, PowerPoint/video, message outline)

“Power: Freeing Multiplication” (audio, PowerPoint, message outline)

“Partnerships: The Fellowship of Multiplication” (audio, PowerPoint/video, message outline

Equipping Leaders in Haiti

Haiti mapHaiti is a nation of incredible contrasts…economically, materially and spiritually. In August I had the opportunity to equip leaders there and learn more about the ministry of OMS in the Cap Haitian area. You’ll see it at the top of the map of Haiti.

In the midst of extreme poverty I had rich experiences relationally and spiritually as I  equipped ministry leaders and met with our OMS missionaries.

It’s difficult to describe all that happens on international trips like these, so I always keep a journal of my experiences. Writing the story–what led up to the trip, how the trip came together, who I met, daily life, divine appointments, ministry opportunities and unexpected “extras” all get captured in my ministry journals. It helps our supporters, prayer partners, friends and family “go with me”. If you’d like to download and read the journal of my trip to Haiti, click Tim Roehl Trip to Haiti 8-14.

Thanks again to the many who support us with encouragement, finances and prayer.  We couldn’t serve leaders in other nations without you!

Coaching Tips Videos

Here are a number of short, practical videos that introduce and illustrate coaching as Steve Ogne and I wrote about in “TransforMissional Coaching” and use to train coaches all over the world. Click on the links to view the videos…may they help instruct and inspire you to become a great coach!

“What is “TransforMissional Coaching”?   In their ministry with CRM Tim Roehl and Steve Ogne have coached hundreds of leaders from over 100 denominations and organizations and trained thousands of ministry coaches. TransforMissional Coaching describes the essentials of our value for coaching with a goal  to create a culture of empowerment on every level of a denomination or organization through the ministry of coaching.


1. Understanding Coaching–Definitions What is coaching? Here are some simple definitions that form a foundation for understanding the ministry of coaching. For the PowerPoint, click What is Coaching?

2. Seven Habits of Great Coaches Here are the seven habits/skills of great coaches.  The first three are what the coach does for the leader and the last for are what the coach helps the leader do for themselves.  For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #2 Seven Habits of Great Coaches

3. 4 “C’s” of Holistic, Missional Coaching  Coaching involves the whole life of a leader. Here are  the “4 C’s” of holistic and missional coaching to help coaches pay attention to what God is doing in a leader’s life. For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #3– 4 C’s

4. How to Become a Great Listener  Listening is an essential skill for great coaches.  Here are some tips to become a great listener.  For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #4 How to Be a Great Listener

5. How to Ask Great Questions Asking great questions that lead to discovery and clarity is the flip side of great listening. Great coaches know how to do both. Here are the keys to asking great questions.  For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #5 Asking Great Questions

6. The G*R*O*W Game Plan for Coaching  Every coach needs a game plan so that the leader they coach will discover and develop their own game plan to move them forward. Here’s  the G*R*O*W game plan for coaching. For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #6 GROW Coaching Game Plan

7. Getting to Reality  The “R” of our G*R*O*W coaching game plan, here’s tips to help the person you coach paint the clearest picture of their current reality.  For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #7 Getting to Reality

8. Generating Options The “O” of our GROW coaching game plan is to coach the leader to discover and discern the options to accomplish their goal. Here are practical tips to help generate options as you coach leaders.  For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #8 Generating Options

9. Developing Action Steps The “W” of our GROW coaching game plan is “Will”–helping the leader clarify what they will do. Here’s how to coach a leader to action steps with S*M*A*R*T goals.  For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #9 Game Plan–Developing Action Steps

10. The Biblical Basis for Coaching  The heart of great coaching is thoroughly Biblical. Here’s the Biblical foundation for coaching. For the PowerPoint, click Coaching Tips #10 Biblical Basis for Coaching

For further information about coaching, you can purchase Tim and Steve’s book “TransforMissional Coaching”.  Click here for the link to Amazon.


Before “Missional” was Cool, there were the Wesleys

I’m really glad for all the conversations and applications about being “missional.”  It’s brought a much needed balance and holistic  view of our walk and work with Jesus.  Website, articles and books about being missional now number in the thousands.

Yet, long before this current wave of missional emphasis, our spiritual forefathers were living incredible, sacrificial missional lives.  The “Wesley boys” and early Methodists not only preached the Good News in places and ways that resulted in hundreds of thousands of people choosing to follow Jesus, they also transformed their culture and literally saved their nation through meeting practical needs.  Personal holiness and social holiness–the Great Commandment and Great Commission truly lived out in daily life–have to go together or they are not truly genuine!

I’ve put some characteristics of the ministry of the early Wesleyans on a PPT slide…simple things, but when viewed together, they are as up to date as today’s missional conversations.  Now, more than ever, we need to practice both Wesley’s methods and theology! It also highlights an important principle for me, especially in planting churches or leading existing churches to become missionally healthy. “We gain permission for our future by looking to our missional past.”

After all, they were missional when missional wasn’t cool!  Click on the link to download Lessons from the Wesleys

Coaching Tips #3: Seven Benefits and Essentials of Great Listening

The Benefits and Essentials of Great Listening

 Among the most important skills of a coach is the ability to listen well.  Listening is the most important and often under-utilized skill in empowering people!  Here are “Seven Benefits  and Seven Essentials of Great Listening.”

Seven Benefits of Great Listening

  1. People know they are valued and respected when we listen.
  2. Great listening treats people like adults…and enhances adult learning.
  3. Listening “holds up a mirror” so the leaders can see themselves more realistically.
  4. Great listening helps provide us with accurate information…and helps us move beyond assumptions.
  5. Great listening builds credibility by demonstrating empathy.
  6. Great listening creates the focus and clarity of self-awareness.
  7. Great listening creates ownership and personal responsibility.

Listening Thoughts

“I bend a sympathetic ear to other people’s woes,

However dull it is to hear their real or fancied throes.

I pay attention to every gloomy line attention undiminished,

Because I plan to start on mine…the moment theirs are finished.”

 “History repeats itself because no one listens the first time.” (Anonymous)

 Special Note: If you are a high D or I in the DISC, or if your spiritual gifts are more verbal in their power, pay special attention to how well you listen!  It won’t come naturally!

 Seven Essentials for Excellent Listening

 1. “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” (Steven Covey)

2. “He who talks most listens least.” (Steve Ogne)  Seek a 30/70 ratio of talking to listening.

3.  Start with the other person’s “world”—their context and frame of reference.

4.  Listen beyond words for tone of voice and body language…and be conscious of yours. Communication is 7% words, 35% tone, 58% body language.

5.  Beware of “autobiographical responses: interpreting and advising from your own experience.

6.  Don’t be afraid of silence.  A “pregnant pause” can give birth to great insights!

7.  Listen for “aha” or “uh-oh” moments—they are turning points.

  Action Point:

Plot yourself on this “Telling/Listening Continuum.” 

Enjoy Telling…………….Learning to Listen…..……….Enjoy Listening

How did you do?   What insights did you gain about your ministry of listening?

For a Word version of this post, click here: Coaching Tips #3 Listening

Dr. Tim Roehl, from “TransforMissional Coaching”

Tim’s Uganda 2010 Journal

Uganda Ministry May 14-30

Just returned from a sixteen day trip to Uganda (May 14-30) with my CRM teammate John Blake and his Dad Ken Blake, who is a missionary to Germany with the Wesleyan Church.  We trained over 100 leaders from three different ministry organizations– YWAM (Youth With a Mission), Elim Evangelistic Fellowship of Uganda and Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG).  It was an amazing experience…I wrote a journal with a number of pictures to briefly describe my experience.  It was wonderful, amazing and humbling!  My part of the training was to introduce the ministry of coaching, which was very well received!  Hope you enjoy the journal.  Thanks to so many who prayed for me and the team while I was there…I could feel your prayers!

Tim Roehl Uganda Ministry Trip Journal 5-10

Game Plan

How do you develop an intentional game plan for missional ministry? 

How can you be both spiritual and strategic as you bring Jesus to your mission field?

 “Game Plan: Developing Intentional Missional Ministry” is designed to help you do that.  Blending the story of two leaders on a missional leadership journey, “Game Plan” models and teaches the power of coaching as well as giving you practical tools based on the essentials of missional ministry that you can adapt and apply to your ministry.


Here’s what “Game Plan: Developing Intentional Missional Ministry” covers:

Seeing” through the Father’s Eyes

  • Our Singular Aspiration—His Mission
  • His Spiritual Authority—Our Power
  • Our Mission Field—They’re Waiting

“Shifting” to Align with the Father’s Purposes

  • Form Missional Priorities
  • Make Missional Shifts
  • Activate Strategic Intercession

“Studying” Your Mission Field Redemptively

  • Gather Statistical Insights
  • Survey Spiritual Dynamics
  • Check the “S*o*I*L”

“Shaping” Your Church for Missional Engagement

  • Let Your Mission Field Shape Your Strategy
  • Learn How You Fit and Flourish
  • Link Community Needs with Church Strengths

“Serving” that Meets Needs and Opens Doors

  • Design a Missional Calendar
  • Discern Missional Partners
  • Develop Missional Bridges

“Storytelling” that Makes Good News Real

  • Translate His Story at Church
  • Tell Your Story
  • Tell Your Church’s Story

“Spreading” Grace to New Places

  • “Who”—Looking with an Acts 1:8 Mindset
  • “Where”—Following the Spirit’s Lead
  • “When”—Ministry Flow Charts and Timelines

Appendix A:  Coaching Guideline
Appendix B: Scriptural Insights About Missional Ministry
AppendixC: “Spy Teams”
Appendix D:  Ministry and Mission Teams worksheet

To get a copy of “Game Plan: Developing Intentional Missional Ministry”, contact Tim at

Game Plan Worksheets

Here are downloadable worksheets from the “Game Plan” book that will help you coach yourself to action steps:

G*R*O*W Coaching Guideline

A Simple Ministry Audit for Your Church Ministries

Developing a Missional Ministry Calendar

Developing Spheres of Intercessors and Strategic Intercession

Discerning Spiritual Dynamics

Gleaning from Statistical Insights

How to Check the S*o*I*L

Listening to Their Story and Sharing Your Story

Ministry Focus Group Profile

Mobilizing Ministry and Mission Teams

Strategy from an Acts 1:8 Perspective

Developing a Ministry Timeline

A training event was also developed based on the principles of Tim’s book.  To access a resource library of over 30 videos, PowerPoints and downloadable notes, click here.

A*C*T*S Ministry

Tim’s developed a simple way to describe what the essential ministry game plan missionally effective leaders and organization must have.  

A*C*T*S = Assessing, Coaching and Teambuilding Strategically.  Tim’s equipped over 50 organizations to assess, coach and train their leaders for greater missional effectiveness.  Here’s a brief overview of his A*C*T*S ministry:

Assessing is an intentional process to help leaders and churches “fit and flourish.”  Tim’s has assessments processes for leaders, churches and communities.  He trains assessors and also assesses leaders and churches.  

To see FAQs about Tim’s M*A*P  (Ministry Assessment Profile) process, click Assessment MAP FAQs

To learn more about Tim’s ministry of assessing churches, contact him at

To learn more about how Tim equips leaders and church to assess their mission fields to develop intentional missional ministry, click here.

Coaching is the skill of coming alongside leaders so they can be transformed to be more like Jesus and join Jesus on His redemptive mission in our world.  Tim’s coached church planters, pastors, business leaders, denominational leaders and missionaries.  He’s trained over 1,500 coaches who minister in over 40 nations through his “Empowering Missional Leaders in a Changing Ministry World” workshop.  Tim and Steve co-authored “TransforMissional Coaching,” a book used around the world to equip coaches. Click here information about coaching.  To contact Tim about being coached or getting coaching training, contact him at

Teambuilding is an essential issue for ministries everywhere.  As a Grip Birkman Blueprint trainer and ministry coach, Tim works with teams to help them work together for maximum relational health and mission effectiveness.

Strategically Tim consults with churches, denominations and organizations to help them develop an intentional plan for missional effectiveness.  He’s worked with over 50 organizations.

More Questions?  Contact me…

Twitter: @timroehl
Facebook: TimRoehl