Transformission Coaching (B&H Books , 2008)

Even leaders need leading. In the context of this greatly changing world, ministry experts Steve Ogne and Tim Roehl have coined the phrase “transformissional” to define the unique type of inspired coaching they offer to spiritual leaders in need of fresh direction.

“The path that the Lord of the Harvest has designed sometimes takes us beyond our comfort zone and off the map of our experience,” they write. “We’ll help you understand how coaching helps leaders get traction and make progress in personal growth and ministry productivity. We’ll also help you become an effective coach so no matter where you find yourself—from church buildings to coffee shops to places you’ve never gone before—you can come alongside to help others live out their call and make a difference in their world.”

About the Author

Steve Ogne is a nationally known church planting trainer, coach, and consultant  and coauthor of the bestselling Church Planter’s Toolkit. He holds degrees from Azusa Pacific University, Talbot Seminary, and Northwest Graduate School of Ministry and lives with his wife in Somis, California.Tim Roehl is a pastor, church planter, and now a missionary with One Mission Society (OMS), as Director of Training. He holds a degree in Bible and Pastoral Ministries, master’s in Church Management, and doctorate in Transformational Leadership for Church Multiplication. He and his family live in Fishers, IN.

The Day that Changed Forever (Regal , 2010)

Sometimes a story can become so familiar that it begins to lose its power to startle and amaze. It’s tempting sometimes for Christians to think we know the story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection—and to forget to be changed by it. Yet no other story in all of history holds such a promise to transform us. The events surrounding Christ’s Passion really happened, and the people who experienced those events were real people, just like you—individuals with their own histories, preconceptions, desires and ambitions. In The Day That Changed Forever, Dr. Tim Roehl tells their stories, bringing to life the sights and sounds, hopes and fears, experienced by those who encountered Jesus during His last week.What must Barabbas have been thinking when he was set free so an innocent man could die in his place?What must have been going through Mary’s heart and mind as she stood looking at her son on the cross? What led Annas, a religious leader, to use his influence to condemn Jesus to death? Let the unique viewpoints of the real people at the cross bring fresh perspective to familiar events and awaken in you a new found passion for the old, old story.

About the Author

Dr. TIM ROEHL is the author of Christmas Hearts and Surprised By Grace, and of numerous dramatic sketches used in churches across North America. He also writes regularly for The Evangelical Challenge and other magazines. Dr. Roehl served in pastoral ministry for more than 20 years, and is now a missionary with Church Resource Ministries, serving leaders around the world. He and his wife, Shirley, have two daughters, Aubrey and Elise.

Christmas Hearts: Twelve Stories of the First Christmas (Barbour Publishing, Incorporated, 2000)

Many people, both Christian and non-Christian, struggle with seeing the real Jesus as portrayed in the timeless pages of Scripture. They yearn to know Him, but often fail to see how He can be real and relevant in their daily lives. These twelve stories, complete with beautiful full-color illustrations, are told through the eyes of those who experienced Christmas firsthand. Readers will be drawn into the lives of Joseph, Elizabeth, Zechariah, the shepherds, the innkeeper, and other characters from the nativity story, and they’ll see themselves in the questions, struggles, and discoveries of these biblical men and women who wrestled with issues just as real as those facing us today. They will come to understand how Jesus can make an eternal difference in their own lives-and their love and awe for Him will grow as they see Him touch the lives of those who witnessed His birth.