A Tremendous Taiwan Trip!

Map of TaiwanEver been to Taiwan when the whole nation is celebrating Chinese New  Year?

It’s noisy…busy…tasty…interesting…colorful…crowded…and I got to do it recently!

Part of my ministry with One Mission Society (OMS) is to travel to the nations where we have ministry teams and/or partners to serve and equip them.  An invitation to do team building and encouraging ministry to our OMS Taiwan team during their annual retreat turned out to be a delight–in  more ways than one–and an adventure–also in more ways than one!

Along with serving a team of missionaries who come from five home countries learn how they can better fit and flourish personally and as teams, I got to experience a lot of Taiwan culture…which is especially interesting during their week of Chinese New Year!

The OMS team time was great.  I got feedback about our team building time with words like, “enlightening, eye-opening, helpful, encouraging…”  That makes long hours of travel and adjusting to a 13 time zone difference worthwhile!

There’s a lot more to the story, which includes a travel delay that led to finding our new doggie, a suitcase that came late but right on time…and more!  You can read my journal of the trip to read the fuller version and see more pictures by clicking here: Taiwan Journal 2-16.

Because of the prayer and financial partnership of our Roehl support team, we can do this kind of ministry.  Thanks to all who do!  We are always praying for more people to be ministry partners with us, so if you are interested, you can learn more at  https://onemissionsociety.org/give/theroehls .

And, from Taiwan…Happy New Year!