“Fit and Flourish”: Tim’s Newest Book is Out!

fit-and-flourish-front-cover“Fit and Flourish: Discover How God Created You to Make a Difference”, Tim’s newest book, is now available!  This is his distilled wisdom from 30 years of working with leaders around the world a resource for leaders new to discerning God’s calling or ministry veterans seeking direction for His next season.

You were made to fit and flourish!

Fit–This is where I belong.
Flourish–this is what I’m made for!

Let’s discover where you best fit and flourish…and make the biggest difference in the lives of others for God’s glory. We’ll blend seven ways to look at your life so you can have the “aha” moments of clarity when God speaks destiny into your life.

Look Up…Say Yes to God’s Invitations
Look Back…Remember Where You’ve Come From
Look In…Know Yourself from the Inside Out
Look At…Clarify Your Why, How, Who
Look For…Identify Promises, Fruit, Doors
Look Around…Get God’s Heart for the World
Look Ahead…Prepare to Finish Well

Scriptural principles, real-life examples, reflective writings and coaching questions will all help you go on a journey of discovery and clarity. Do it with others…but especially walk with the Holy Spirit as He leads you!

Click on Fit and Flourish to order it now online at Amazon in paperback. A Kindle version is coming soon!  If you are interested in getting multiple copies at a discount, you can contact Tim directly.

Here are some endorsements for “Fit and Flourish”…

“Tim has devoted his life to helping others to “fit & flourish.” The coaching provided in this book is relevant whether someone is initially exploring ministry or seeking greater clarity after years of ministry. His insights are infused with encouragement that keep you motivated to seek God’s best for you!”

–Dr. Wayne Schmidt, General Superintendent, The Wesleyan Church

“If you’re someone considering your calling– whether for a season or a lifetime–and want to spend some time reflecting on how God has wired you and prepared you, Fit and Flourish is worth the read.”

–Dr. Bob Logan, Author, Trainer, World-renown expert on leadership, www.loganleadership.com

“Tim’s writing style is right up my alley. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I want books for those I coach or oversee that are simple tools, yet with real depth. This is such a book. His use of the coaching questions contained in each chapter are timely and help you interact with the challenge of each chapter. I believe this book is going to become a hallmark tool for discovering the call of God in believer’s lives and then putting in place a healthy plan to get to that calling.”

–Dr.  Ray Van Gilst, District Superintendent for the Central Pacific District, C&MA.

“Tim Roehl has done it again! With the heart of a shepherd, the eye of an artist and the toolbox of a craftsman, Tim’s newest book, Fit and Flourish, will help you find your niche and grow in effectiveness. But be warned, his practical, potent and provocative insights will not let you off the hook with “five simple steps” or “imagine your way to greatness.” No, this is high octane, no nonsense counsel from one of the best in the world at helping leaders do just as the title says, “fit and flourish.” If you’re wondering about your next step, or wanting to grow as a person and as a leader you will do well to pick up a copy today. You will be glad you did, because you will never be the same.”

–Tom Clegg, Clegg Consulting Group, Des Moines, IA


A Tremendous Taiwan Trip!

Map of TaiwanEver been to Taiwan when the whole nation is celebrating Chinese New  Year?

It’s noisy…busy…tasty…interesting…colorful…crowded…and I got to do it recently!

Part of my ministry with One Mission Society (OMS) is to travel to the nations where we have ministry teams and/or partners to serve and equip them.  An invitation to do team building and encouraging ministry to our OMS Taiwan team during their annual retreat turned out to be a delight–in  more ways than one–and an adventure–also in more ways than one!

Along with serving a team of missionaries who come from five home countries learn how they can better fit and flourish personally and as teams, I got to experience a lot of Taiwan culture…which is especially interesting during their week of Chinese New Year!

The OMS team time was great.  I got feedback about our team building time with words like, “enlightening, eye-opening, helpful, encouraging…”  That makes long hours of travel and adjusting to a 13 time zone difference worthwhile!

There’s a lot more to the story, which includes a travel delay that led to finding our new doggie, a suitcase that came late but right on time…and more!  You can read my journal of the trip to read the fuller version and see more pictures by clicking here: Taiwan Journal 2-16.

Because of the prayer and financial partnership of our Roehl support team, we can do this kind of ministry.  Thanks to all who do!  We are always praying for more people to be ministry partners with us, so if you are interested, you can learn more at  https://onemissionsociety.org/give/theroehls .

And, from Taiwan…Happy New Year!

Asia Ministry Journal

Asia Map 2In November, Shirley and I spent most of the month ministering in four nations. We had a wonderful trip…our longest ever together internationally. We did team building work with three mission teams, coach training in two countries for leaders from a dozen ministries and had a memorable Thanksgiving with OMS missionary friends in Hawaii. For those of you who like to follow our ministry, you can download my journal from the trip. To read my journal, click Tim and Shirley 11-15 Asia Trip Journal

For those of you who support us in prayer and financial partnership, THANK YOU! You are making it possible for us to serve leaders all over the world who are making a huge difference for God. As it’s been said by others, “Teamwork makes the dream work”. Together, we’re making a difference!


Roehl Family Christmas Letter 2015

Christmas nativityWe’ve been doing it 35 years now.  Each year we capture the highlights of our year in a family Christmas letter and send it to friends and family far and wide.  As the years have gone by, our family has grown larger and we now live farther apart, but always close  in our hearts!

We’ve had a wonderful year…a year with  “new” things…

A new son-in-law when Tim Morris marries our daughter Elise this coming January 16th!

A new home and new church for Aubrey, Dylan, Ian and Xavier as they moved to Dylan’s hometown of Marshalltown  Iowa and planted “Restore” Church.  They are doing a great job!  The boys are awesome.

We sold our home on the north side of Indy and moved to a new (to us) home on the OMS campus in the souther suburb of Indianapolis.

We traveled to new countries (for Shirley, at least).  After a trip to Taiwan this coming February, I’ll have ministered in 10 countries in the past 16 months.  That much  international travel is new to me…but I love it!

Hope your year has given  you many  “new” opportunities to experience God’s love,  power and grace.  He makes life worthwhile now…and forever!  And…His  mercies  are new every morning!

If you’d to read our “Roehl Report” Christmas 2015 edition, just click and enjoy! Roehl Christmas 2015

Merry CHRISTmas and a Blessed  New  Year!

Tim and Shirley

Mexico Ministry

Have you ever had “tacos el pastor”?

I hadn’t either…until I went to minister in Mexico recently!  Tacos el pastor are a national favorite in Mexico.  Wonder what they are?  You can find out by reading my ministry journal from my Mexico trip.  I spent ten amazing days serving leaders during four different ministry events…and got to see, experience, taste and smell a lot of Mexican culture along the way as well!

Tim Jose Alfredo Coaching Game Plan Mexico 4-15The picture shows Jose, my OMS training partner, Fernando, President of our OMS partner denomination and me with our coaching plan in Spanish.  I got to train leaders in coaching skills, Interactive Adult Learning skills, teambuilding skills and preached at a local church…along with other divine appointments  the Lord had arranged for me!

When I travel internationally, I try to capture my experiences in a journal.  It helps me remember what happened and also allow others to “travel” with me.

Here’s my journal from my Mexico trip…hope you enjoy it.

Oh…and you’ll learn more about tacos el pastor, too!

To download the journal, click Mexico Trip Journal 4-15.

New Edition of Game Plan!

Game Plan coverA revised and updated edition of “Game Plan: Developing Intentional  Missional Ministry” is now available! 

To order it online from Amazon, click here, or you can contact Tim directly at timroehl@usfamily.net  for bulk orders.

Here’s what some leaders are saying about Game Plan:

“I greatly appreciate “Game Plan” for us in working with missionary development in the Caribbean. I was looking for a practical guide for ministry development for any context and I found it in “Game Plan”. Since it is practical and biblically based, it is well received and useful across cultures. Since it has a story line, it is easy to follow in a practical way.”
– Richard Yoder, One Mission Society Caribbean Field Director

“What a joy to find a road map with “Next Steps” to encourage building Great Commission Churches through Great Commandment living. Game Plan achieves this well.”
– Gary E. Wright President, World Renewal Int’l; Evangelist, Evangelical Friends Church; Community Church Missions

“Practical! Practical! Practical! The narrative approach and breadth of resources make Game Plan a must have, practical resource for engaging the Great Commission in meaningful, missional ways. Every lay person, pastor, missionary and church planter who is serious about making disciples will find this to be a useful resource. This is a book to order by the case to share with others in your personal efforts to make and multiply disciples.”
– Rev. Bob Ransom, US Ministries Director, The Missionary Church

“Game Plan is a game changer. The coach approach in every chapter allows readers to immediately develop a community impacting Game Plan. If you desire to reach a community for Christ this book will prove to be more valuable than any seminar you have ever attended.”
– Sam Farina, Assemblies of God USA Coaching Task Force Leader.

“Game Plan is a must read for anyone struggling to make sense of church life or who longs to fit and flourish in God’s Kingdom. Tim Roehl provides a delicate balance of coaching, coach training, and clear and helpful teaching. It was easy to follow the conversation Roehl provides, replacing Tom’s name with my name. His story overlaps my story. Maybe yours as well. Having first hand exposure to Tim and his coaching and teaching ministry, Game Plan is about as close as you can get without flying him in for the weekend. It’s an easy read. But you will want to linger over each section until it becomes yours. Read it. Read it with others.”
– Rev. Les Cool, Pastor, Director of Church Planting for the Evangelical Congregational Church

“Tim Roehl masterfully accomplishes his goal to create a ‘coach yourself forward’ resource manual! His questions for personal self-reflection or team discussion stimulate vision and discernment, and the appendices provide biblically-based missional strategies rich with application…all this in a book that is highly engaging and adaptable to the reader’s own pace.”
–Dr. Wayne Schmidt, VP Wesley Seminary, Indiana Wesleyan University

“Game Plan is not for cowardly leaders who wish to play it safe. It is for those brave souls who are willing to get out of the bubble of “doing church as usual” in order to make a difference in their community and beyond. You will find this self-coaching guide practical and relevant for creating a missional culture in your church.”
– Mark O Wilson, Pastor, Author of “Purple Fish” & “Filled Up, Poured Out”

I love the story Tim uses to get across his message. It captures your attention and makes the development of missional ministry come alive through the characters Tim has developed. He makes it a very practical, step by step process without it feeling like it. For me what makes his message even more tangible, is having had him for a coach myself. Tim isn’t just writing a book – he is sharing his heart for developing people and changing lives. This is the real thing, and so is he.
– Rev. Ray Van Gilst, District Superintendent with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Central Pacific District

To read what other leaders are saying about Game Plan, click Game Plan Endorsements.

To view more information about the book and downloadable resources click here.


The Answer for Our Nation’s Aching Heart

black white handsI’ve been aching for our nation.  It’s been a difficult time of stress, slogan-slinging, protesting, violence and finger-pointing…mostly focusing on racial issues. I’ve said little and prayed a lot, since most people are making pronouncements and casting blame instead of inviting conversation, constructive action or (more importantly) praying and worshiping with each other, seeking God in the midst of our heartache.

Sunday morning I didn’t attend our church. We have a nice church with lots of wonderful folks. Our church looks a lot like our community…mostly white, but we’ve worked hard to welcome and include folks from many backgrounds.

Instead, I went to worship with an AME (African Methodist Episcopal) congregation. We share a common Methodist heritage (I’m from the German side of Methodism). It is located more in the heart of our city. I was the only white person there in the midst of about 100 people. I was warmly welcomed. Throughout the service I got and gave lots of hugs, blessings and greetings from folks. The worship was vibrant, upbeat and enthusiastic. The prayer was powerful. We sang “O Come All Ye Faithful” and recited the Apostle’s Creed.

At one point they played a clip of an MSNBC TV show host focusing on black men who were mistreated or even died in situations involving law enforcement. As a former law enforcement chaplain who ministered to men and women from many ethnic backgrounds who wore badges, it made my heart ache even more. When we lump entire groups of people by their race (black or white or brown or red or yellow) or their profession (law enforcement) and single them out for criticism, judgment or scorn, it only makes things worse. There was some politics in the pastor’s message, but he mainly focused on pointing his people to a God Who is in control…Who can do powerful things when we realize we are not in control and humble ourselves and choose to give Him control of our lives. People responded for prayer…God met people with love, grace and forgiveness like He does wherever people call on His name.

I went to a black church to remind myself that, in spite of the ugliness of sin and it’s effects in our world, we are all created in the image of God, infinitely loved by Him, welcomed into His family when we humble ourselves, ask for forgiveness and find our identity in Him. In Christ, we are one. Our God is color blind…we are all equally loved and valuable to Him.

If we make race, gender or some other quality the most important part of our identity, we’ll always be comparing ourselves to or competing with others. When we make Jesus the source of our lives and identity, we have the common ground to honor, value, love and appreciate each other.

I worshiped with brothers and sisters today. That’s what mattered to me. And…that’s where the hope for a just, peace-full, healthy, holy world is possible.  Jesus is the answer to our nation’s (and our world’s) aching heart.

“A Christmas Widow’s Mite”

Here’s a tribute to all those who are often ignored on earth but famous in heaven…

“A Christmas Widow’s Mite”

Reflected neon lights glared off shiny steel and glass on the shopping mall entrance. Softly falling snow blanketed gray sidewalk slush. Christmas music wafted through the air, ebbing and flowing with the opening of the mall doors. Through those doors hundreds of holiday pilgrims, pausing briefly to wolf down a burger and fries between stops, rushed in a harried herd to make their sacrifices to the gods of consumerism. Every year the demands of the gods expanded. Exchanging plastic and paper for presents meant more profits to satisfy the cravings of the merchants…and perhaps the purchases would bring a measure of happiness to the hearts of the pilgrims.

At the moment, however, the faces of the pilgrims mirrored more stress than satisfaction.

Salvation  Army Red KettleJust outside the huge temple of materialism, a lonely sentinel stood, ringing a bell next to a red kettle. The sign next to the ringer said, “Sharing is Caring.”

Few paused to even consider the message.

Coming out the doors, trying to balance armloads of packages, a shopper here and there stopped in front of the solitary bell ringer. Oft times at the urging of a child tugging at their coat sleeve, a pilgrim dug in their pocket for the leftovers of their change (leaving enough for the parking meter at the next store, of course) and dropped a few coins into the metal container.

While trying to ward off winter chill, the sentinel noticed the approach of an old woman from down the block. Her steps were slow and steady, her coat old and worn–the frayed and weary veteran of many winter seasons. Age lines etch her face, but her eyes sparkle with the quiet joy of one decades younger.

Focusing her gaze on the watchful ringer at the red kettle, ignoring the pleading of the lights and signs and stores, the elderly lady walked right up to the red receptacle. Taking a frazzled coin purse from her pocket, she took two dollars and fifty three cents in change (all it contained) and dropped it all into the kettle. Then, with a cheery “Merry Christmas…God bless you, stay warm” she turned and walked back to her small apartment, surrounded by the softly falling snow. She is penniless until her next social security check…but rich, oh, so rich in her heart…

…and if you’d have listened closely enough, you’d have heard the applause of angels accompanying her walk home.

Have a Wonder-Full Christmas!  If you’d like to download and share this with others, click A Christmas Widow’s Mite.

Roehl Report 2014…Transitions, Travels and Thanks

“Only ask Me, and I will surely make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.”  (Psalm 2:8)

That’s been my 2014 Year Verse. Receiving a “year verse” has been part of my spiritual rhythm since college days.  Every year the Lord gives me a promise that becomes an anchor to keep me grounded in tough days and a promise to invite me to trust Him every day, stretching me to receive all He has in His good plans.  My 2014 year verse has stretched me in some wonder-full ways.  He invited me to ask Him for the nations…that’s a lot to stretching in prayer!  I’ve been praying for the nations like never before, especially with the help of a world prayer map (you can get one at http://www.ehc.org/resources-world-prayer-maps).  I’ve also traveled to and ministered in more nations than ever before.  God’s invitations take us amazing places!

Tim  and  Shirley 1st ChristmasAnother part of our family rhythm has been sending out a family Christmas letter.  We’ve been married 34 years…that’s a lot of family letters!  Here’s a picture of our 1st Christmas…just after we got engaged!

This year has been especially good…with “transitions, travels and thanks” being our major themes.  If you’d like to read our family letter, feel free to down load it at:  Roehl Christmas 2014

If you’d like to track along with us throughout 2015, you can follow us on Facebook, sign up for our periodic “Roehl Report’ updates and subscribe to my blog.  I believe 2015 has even more in store…when we follow Jesus, all things are possible!